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Every hospital room needs certain equipment and furniture to accommodate patients and give them comfort. Hospital beds are necessary for each room and we supply a variety of beds including mechanical beds, electrical beds, ICU/CCU beds and extra-low beds. Patient lifts and storages are the other necessary parts of a patient room which are available in different specifications for different purposes. Examination tables, stretchers and medical carts are the other products in this category. 



Hospital beds are the integral part of patient rooms and must be designed to give comfort and relief to the patients while providing the caregivers all the necessary and required features to make sure that the patients are safe and cared well. We supply a variety of beds including mechanical beds, electrical beds, ICU/CCU beds and extra-low beds which conform to Canadian regulations and have all necessary certifications.

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Felixmed_Hospital_Stretcher  Hospital Stretchers are designed to be reliable and durable and are mainly used by emergency medical professionals in out-of-hospital care situations allowing them to easily transport patients and administer lifesaving medical procedures. Felix supplies a variety of brand new hospital stretchers that are built to withstand in busy hospital environments.
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 Felix supplies exam tables for a wide variety of clinical environments including basic exams, aesthetic treatments, pediatric friendly and minor procedures. The configurations and optional features include storage/drawer, power positioning, stirrups, scales, and portability options.

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 Patient lifts form complete patient transfer systems to safely raises or lower individuals from any stationary position and ensure safe and gradual movement. Lifts are used to hoist the disabled patient that needs to be moved. Manual, power, stand up, overhead and bath lift are available with different capacities and optional features from top brands around the world.

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 Carts and trolleys are used for dependable and secure delivery of medication and services to the patient floor. They can be modified and designed based on hospital requirements having different capacities for small and large drawers. Carts for patient monitors and portable imaging units in different sizes with different features are also available.

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 Our storage solutions increase efficiencies while minimizing unnecessary in-room interruptions. These solutions include sterile caseworks, surgical instrument kit storages, medical supply cabinets and modular caseworks.

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