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Felix Medical is currently representing Owandy Radiology in Canada for dental radiology devices. Owandy Radiology is a leading European manufacturer of dental radiology and imaging software. Owandy hardware and software are used by nearly half of the practitioners in France. Their range of digital radiology solutions is supplied to dentists in 50 countries, on every continent.
We also supply dental chairs (dentist and patient chairs), operatory cabinets, caseworks and delivery systems, sterilization equipment and all other products required to furnish a dental office.


 Felixmed Dental Radiography Small

 We supply a variety of extra oral and intraoral solutions and software applications depending on the requirements of our customers. The extra oral units come in three different configurations: wall-mounted panoramic unit, cone beam panoramic unit and PAN/CEPH/3D unit. The intraoral solutions come as intraoral sensors, plate scanner, HF generator & camera. An especially designed imaging software is also available for dental surgeries which includes a patient database, an imaging module and a dental diagram.

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Felixmed Paicent Chairs Small 

State of art and Ergonomic designs provide patients a comfort seating environment. The chairs offer a contemporary but professional design that delivers a clean look for the operatory without compromising patient comfort. Moreover, the actuation systems are designed to reduce the wear and provide maintenance free operation.
Main characteristics are LED light with sensor, Smooth movement, Modern design and Available in more than 20 colors.

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 Felixmed Dental Operatory Cabinets Small The dental cabinets integrate efficiency and technology together to provide maximum accessibility and productivity and optimized space.
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Felix Humidity Test Cabinet   (text)
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 Felixmed Dental Operatory Lights Small  (text)
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 Felixmed Dental Sterilization Equipment Small

We supply dental market’s leading sterilization units which are easy to use and reliable. The sterilization can be easily performed, based on user selection, on hand pieces, packs, unwrapped items and pouches with these units.

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