• DEVICE IS SUITABLE TO ALL YOUR CLINICAL PRACTICE (Endodontics, Prosthetic and implant surgery, Periodontics, Caries diagnosis)


Optimised sensitivity

The Owandy-CR features a special cuttingedge concept reading head that optimizes the way in which plates are scanned, improving their performance by virtue of a superior signal processing chain. Using this tool, you can produce extremely accurate images at low doses without the risk of overexposure.

Furthermore, it uses the entire active surface area of the plate.

Lastly, the Owandy-CR incorporates specially designed image filters and processing to enable you to produce quality images with excellent contrasts.

Compact design

The diminutively-proportioned Owandy-CR is the smallest system on the market, making it ideal for dental surgeries everywhere. Whether stored under a rack, on a shelf, in a drawer and even on your work surface, its compact, stylish design will add a contemporary and hi-tech touch to your treatment room!

An intuitive tool

Put simply, the Owandy-CR is fully automatic!
Getting to grips with the system is both quick and easy. The Owandy-CR is highly intuitive: imaging plate detection (including identification of their size and their insertion direction), reading and erasing are automatic. The unit has no complicated user interface as it comprises an automatic wake up and standby mode. The imaging plates are used in conjunction with a cardboard sleeve and a single-use sterile cover to ensure that the whole system remains sterile. The imaging plate has an excellent life-span as it never comes into contact with either the patient or the practitioner/operator.

Suitable for all types of clinical practice

The Owandy-CR can be used for endodontics, prosthetic dentistry, implant surgery and periodontics, as well as in caries diagnosis. It is compatible with all imaging plate sizes, making it appropriate for use with all types of scans (bitewing, periapical, posterior images, etc.) and all of your patients:

  • Size 0: Child
  • Size 1: Incisor block
  • Size 2: Adult
  • Size 3: Bitewing
  • Size 4: (2 x size 3): Occlusal block

Resource-sharing made easier

The tool’s direct USB connection makes it easier to use and install than any other model. Once the imaging plate has been scanned, the image taken can instantly be viewed on the computer screen connected to the Owandy-CR. This type of connection makes the Owandy-CR extremely easy to use with single or multiuser systems. But there’s no doubt that every dentist in the surgery will want their own tool installed on their own chair.


Felixmed Ow CR face Large


Technology: Re-usable imaging plate

PSP: Photostimulable Phosphor plate

Resolution: 34 pixel/mm – 16 Bits

Pixel size: 30 µm

Scan time: 4 - 9 s

Connection: USB 2.0 & USB 3.0

Dimensions: 286 x 151 x 104 mm

Weight: 4.25 kg

Power supply: External power supply 110 - 240V, 50 / 60Hz, 60Watts

Plate size selection: Automatic detection

System standby mode: Automatic function

Plate sizes: Size 0 : 31 x 22mm, 1024 x 726 pixels

                   Size 1 : 40 x 24mm, 1321 x 792 pixels

                   Size 2 : 41 x 31mm, 1354 x 1024 pixels

                   Size 3 : 54 x 27mm, 1783 x 891 pixels

Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10 (32-64 Bits)

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