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Welcome to the Felix Medical website, the health and medical subsidiary of Felix Technology. Established in 2014, Felix Medical is a Health Canada licensed importer, distributor and supplier of medical equipment and disposables in Canada. It is the mission of the company to become a major supplier of medical products in Canada.

We provide a variety of diagnostic, therapeutic and laboratory products from manufacturers all around the world including:

         1.     Operating room equipment and solutions;

         2.     Medical imaging‎;

         3.     Medical dressings‎;

         4.     Hospital furniture;

         5.     Medical disposables;

         6.     Dental equipment‎;

         7.     Laboratory equipment and supplies.

We also have a wide range of customers ranging from private health institutes to general hospitals and governmental agencies.

Our expert medical team believes that it’s our responsibility to ensure that the products are safe for patients’ health and are manufactured based on medical standards. We put highest priority on patients’ safety, health and comfort and are dedicated to providing the best and most reliable medical products to health institutes. Our ethics are:

         ·     Responsibility for patients’ safety;

         ·     Commitment to regulations and standards;

         ·     Respecting our partners’ goals and objectives;

         ·     Concerning for the needs of everyone who chooses our services;

Along with importing and distributing of medical equipment and disposables, we provide consultancy to manufacturers who are willing to export their products to Canada. As an expert company in field of medical consultancy, we help companies to register their products in Canadian market and obtain required licenses and standards.

For any questions or inquiries please feel free to contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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