Hemostatic Dressing
Felix Medical is currently representing Prometheus Medical in Canada for ChitoGauze XR Pro. Prometheus ChitoGauze® XR Pro is a haemostatic gauze dressing designed to control moderate to very severe haemorrhage. It now features a radio-opaque strip making the dressing easy to identify during X-Ray investigation. ChitoGauze is a hemostatic dressing for the external, temporary control of severely bleeding wounds. It is a hemostatic gauze dressing that, when applied directly to the wound, controls bleeding caused by extreme trauma.

Mechanism of Action

The highly flexible ChitoGauze dressing is easily applied to superficial as well as deep andnarrow wounds. It readily conforms into wound surfaces with complex geometries to rapidly staunch the bleeding and seal the wound site. A unique characteristic of this dressing is its ability to localize clotting to the dressing surface thus mitigating the risk of emboli formation normally associated with use of dressings which achieve activity through inclusion of prothrombogenic agents.

Key Features

  • Haemostatic Chitosan impregnated gauze
  • X-Ray opaque strip
  • Controls severe bleeding fast
  • Gauze-like dressing, flexible and conformable to tissue surfaces
  • No powders or granules
  • Contains no pro-clotting agents
  • Safe and effective
  • Z-folded in sterile package for ease of application
  • Intuitive application
  • Offers antibacterial properties


  • Dimensions: 14.00cm x 3.70m
  • Pack Dimensions: 14.00cm x 13.00cm
  • Weight: 20.5g
Felixmed ChitoGauze XR3