Your intraoral Owandy-RX is a new generation generator designed exclusively for intraoral X-rays. With its user-friendly design and interface, the Owandy-RX offers you quality and shot repetition, whilst combining a small focal spot with reduced exposure times.

The Owandy-RX produces high quality X-rays due to the repetitiveness of its electronic settings and exposure times, together with a minimal electronic focal spot. It is also compatible with digital image acquisition equipment. If you do not have this type of digital system, we recommend that you use high speed films in order to limit the dose of X-rays absorbed by the patient.
This operational mode can be selected using the timer keypad: it is also possible to choose between two films at different speeds (sensitivities), a digital sensor or a table of exposure times that is completely customisable by the user.

The Owandy-RX comprises a generator, an X-ray tube head complete with collimator, an electronic CPU card which controls the equipment functions, a keypad for adjusting the settings and an X-ray starter – in standard configuration, the keypad is directly relayed to the CPU card. With the remote timer option, the keypad acts as a remote control and the X-ray starter is substituted by a replacement button located directly on the keypad itself.

The Owandy-RX generator is the HF (high frequency) or DC (direct current) type, which allows the dose of X-rays received by the patient to be reduced (in comparison with the old AC (alternating current) type generators), due to the generation of the quasi-continuous voltage with a stable and constant production of X-rays. The production of so-called “soft” X-rays (to be avoided as they cannot be used for the generation of a radiograph) is also greatly reduced due to this high voltage current, given that “soft” X-rays are produced at low voltages.


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  General Specifications    
  Voltage / Frequency 210/240V to 50/60Hz  
  Rated current 7A (230V~)  
  Power input during radiation Max 1.2kW  
  Power input on standby < 20W  
  Maximum apparent network resistance 0.3Ω for 120V – 0.8Ω for 200/240V  
  Generator current 7mA  
  HF voltage value 65kV  
  Accuracy of the radiological values +/- 5%  
  Maximum exposure time 3s  
  Total weight, including packaging 33.4 kg  
  Net weight of the unit in the standard wall-mounted Configuration 27.9 kg  
  30cm extension arm 2.3 kg  
  60cm extension arm 3.2 kg  
  80cm extension arm 4.1 kg  
  Scissor arm 11.6 kg  
  Complete timer wall plate 6.5 kg  
  Complete X-ray generator 5.7 kg  
  X-ray Tube Specifications    
  Inherent filtration 0.5 mm Al  
  Anode tilt 19°  
  Anode material Tungsten  
  Rated voltage 70 kV – Test maximum: 80 kV  
  Maximum filament current 2.2 A  
  Maximum filament voltage 3.3 V  
  Anode thermal capacity 7,000 J  
  Rated input power of the anode at 0.1s (AC) 670 W  
  Fully Assembled X-ray Generator Specifications    
  Rated voltage 65 kV  
  Generator output 325 W  
  Total filtration ≥ 2 mm Al @ 65 kV  
  Transformer insulation By oil bath  
  Pulse/Pause ratio: Duty Cycle 1/60 – TON Max = 3s  
  Focal spot size 0.8mm (IEC 336) @ 70kV  
  Minimum distance between the focal spot and the skin of the patient: SSD (Source Skin Distance) 200 mm  
  Diameter of the circular beam 55 mm  
  Cross section of the rectangular beam 45mm x 35 mm  
  Cooling system Natural convection  
  Radiographic data for determining leakage radiation 65 kV, 7mA – 1s, pulse/pause ratio: 1/60  
  Leakage radiation at 1m < 0.25 mGy / h  
  Operating mode Continuous operation with pulse charge