The fruit of unrivalled technological and industrial expertise, the latest generation of I-Max panoramic systems is here to usher you into a new era. With a futuristic and ergonomic design and exceptional image quality, coupled with its user and installation friendly product features, we know you’ll love it too!

Main competitors advantages

Felixmed IMAX Large 
1- Design light and elegant  
  • Drive a new generation of wall mounted Panoramic units,
  • Practice valorization to patients,
  • The lightest unit on the market,
  • Only a wall to fix the unit as an Intra-oral X-ray generator.
2- Image quality with a full range of programs  
  • Patient positioning face-to-face,
  • Control panel software intuitive and very fast to perform,
  • Enhancement filters and imaging tool directly included in the new designed control software.
3- Easy and fast practice installation  
  • Compact and Light delivered in one solo packaging,
  • Exclusive Easy-To-Install system: the unit is delivered entirely amounted, with an “intelligent” system to fix it directly on the wall by one technician,
  • High level of electronic optimization, only 1 PC Board: service intervention easy to fix the default,
  • Unit fully controlled remotely.
4- A controlled budget  
  • Unit industrially optimized,
  • A minimal Installation cost, economical shipment,
  • A failure rate largely reduced,
  • The best ratio Investment/Performance of the market.

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  General Features  
  Class Class II for Canadian MDR  
  Protection degree IPX0 standard device  
  Rated line voltage 220-240 V~

110-120 V~

  Line frequency 50/60Hz  
  Maximum line current 3,5 A @ 230 V~ 50/60 Hz  
  Power consumption 1.6 kVA @ 230 V~ 50/60 Hz  
  Line apparent resistance 0.5 Ωmax  
  Line voltage regulation --
< 3 % at 99 V~
  Rated output voltage (kVp) 60 ~ 70 kVp, with 2 kVp steps  
  Anodic current 2 ~ 7.1 mA, according to r20 scale  
  Mechanical Characteristics  
  Focus-receptor distance 50cm (20")  
  Telescopic motorized column run 66cm (26")  
  Maximum total height 218cm (86")  
  Weight (complete unit, wall mounted version) 62kg  
  Weight of optional unit support 6kg  
  Working Conditions  
  Unit footprint dimensions (mm) 1107(wall side)x953mm = 1m²  
  Maximum working temperature range + 10° ~ + 40°  
  Relative working humidity (RH) range 30% ~ 75%  
  Tube-head Features  
  Maximum tube voltage with accuracy 70 kVp ± 8 %  
  Maximum anodic current with accuracy 7 mA ± 10 %  
  Duty cycle 1:16  
  Nominal power 490 W (70 kVp - 7 mA)  
  Total filtration 2mm Al eq. @ 70 kVp  
  HVL (Half value layer) > 2.5mm Al eq. @ 70 kVp  
  Transformer insulation Oil bath  
  Cooling By convection  
  Leakage radiation at 1 m < 0.5 mGy/h @ 70 kVp - 7 mA - 3 s duty cycle 1/16  
  X-ray Tube Features  
  Nominal focus size 0.5 EN 60336  
  Inherent filtration 1.0mm Al eq.  
  Anode tilt 15.5°  
  Anode material 62kgTungsten  
  Nominal maximum voltage 70 kVp  
  Filament max current 3 A  
  Filament max voltage 3.6 V  
  Anode thermal capacity 13 J  
  Digital Sensor Features  
  Sensible area (H x L) PAN sensor 146 x 6 mm  
  Sensor pixel dimensions 48x48μm  
  Pixel (H) PAN: 1536  
  Laser Centering Devices  
  2 laser beams are used for patient positioning. Beams align mid Sagittal and Frankfurt planes. Class 2 laser product according to IEC Standard 60825-1:2007.  
  Wave Length 650 nm ± 10 nm  
  Divergence < 2.0 mRad  
  Optical power on the working surface < 1 mW  


  Exposure Times  
  Panoramic (PAN) 14.4 s PAN Adult / Child  
  EmiPanoramic 7.4 s Adult / 7.3 s Child  
  Improved orthogonality Panoramic 11.9 s Adult / Child  
  Reduced dose Panoramic 11.4 s Adult / Child  
  Frontal Dentition 4.4 s Adult / Child  
  TMJ mouth closed/open 2.44 s per image for left and right joint in open and closed condition, total of 9.7 s  
  Sinus P/A projection 9.4 s  
  Image Magnification  
  Adult / Child standard Panoramic 1 : 1.23 (constant over dentition part)  
  TMJ open/closed mouth, 4 images 1 : 1.20 (nominal)  
  Sinus 1 : 1.22 (nominal)  
  Examination selection type
  • Automatic selection for Adult and Child, 3 Sizes
  • Manual selection also possible for each programs
  • Collimator with automatic positioning